The Next Recital

Monday, 25 June 2018

  • The Main Hall at St Peters Church, Cnr Gisborne and Albert Streets, East Melbourne.
    The doors opposite St Patricks Cathedral.

  • 11.45 am for Refreshments with the Recital 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm

  • Cost $10 - tea/coffee and cake provided - BYO sandwiches

  • Please notify the Austral Salon of your intention to attend.

  • For further information see About page


'When my Love Bids Me Down the River: an afternoon of Medieval Music'

In a blend of the old and the new, this program travels back to the intimacy and vivid storytelling of Medieval Music. Countertenor, Hamish Gould, and lutenist, John Griffiths begin with the delicate love songs of Guillaume de Machaut and Johannes Cicconia. 

They then perform the world premiere of: ‘When my Love Bids Me Down the River’, a medieval improvisation on text by Carolyn Kwok, drawing from her poem 'Erato and Eros: The Trovèresse and the Jongleur'. Drawing on the long tradition of epic poetry and trouvère song, Carolyn Kwok has created a text which speaks to the universal theme of star-crossed love. Hamish Gould, John Griffiths and Carolyn Kwok have collaborated to weave an elaborate musical experience based on love, loss and tragedy.

Carolyn, John and Hamish are all based in Melbourne."

'Moult Sui de Bonne Heure Nee' by Guillaume de Machaut
'Beaute Qui Toutes' by Guillaume de Machaut
'O Rosa Bella' by Johannes Cicconia
A World Premiere: ‘When my Love Bids Me Down the River’ a Medieval Improvisation adapting the text from ‘Erato and Eros: The Trovèresse and the Jongleur’ (Carolyn Kwok: 2010}

Countertenor Hamish Gould, is currently undertaking his Masters in Classical Voice at Monash University. He has performed as a soloist for Box Hill Chorale, Victoria Chorale and the Art of Sound Orchestra numerous times, and has performed solo recitals for the Lyceum Club, the Melbourne Club and the Melbourne East Arts Festival. He is a versatile performer, and has experience performing Medieval, Baroque, 19th Century Art song and Contemporary Classical music.

John Griffiths is a performer of early music and culture. He is a pioneer of historical performance on lute, vihuela and guitar in Australia. He is a founder of the ensemble La Romanesca that contributed to the development of historical performance in Australia. He holds honorary professorships at Monash University and the University of Melbourne, is a research associate at the Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours, and an Officer of the Order of Isabel the Catholic in Spain.

Carolyn Kwok is a freelancing artistic creator who holds a degree in both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music. As a writer, she likes to experiment with poetic language and literary structures, as well as different styles and forms of writing. Her poetic works can be large-scale in conception and construction, or they are cycles of inter-related poems. Much of her poetry is also intended for performance, whether spoken or sung, quite like ancient epics or poetic plays. As a musician, Carolyn seeks to collaborate with singers, instrumentalists and composers in order to bring her literary works to the stage.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this outstanding Lunchtime Recital at St Peter's.

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